General Information

Message from the President

As the successor to the Insurance Society of 1895, the Japanese Society of Insurance Science was founded on November 24, 1940, making it one of Japan’s oldest and most venerated academic societies in the humanities. Even now, well after my election as chairman at the 70th anniversary conference held on the Waseda University campus on October 2010, I am still awed by the honor, tradition and responsibility of the office. With the generous support and cooperation of the directors, trustees, auditors and members, I am determined to serve my term with full faith and sincerity.

Whenever economic entities like firms and households perform economic activities, they inevitably confront a variety of risks. These risks can sometimes produce unfavorable economic consequences such as (1) property losses, (2) income or revenue losses, and (3) other extraordinary cost burdens. The function of insurance is to reduce or eliminate such exposures so that economic entities can operate with some degree of certainty. In addition, new social, economic, and environmental risks have emerged from secular trends such as global warming, rapid aging, and globalization. To take just one example, in a world where every pension beneficiary needs the support of two workers, the matter of balancing roles between public and private insurance takes on a whole new significance. As insurance grows in importance to society, so too do the expectations put upon JSIS researchers.

JSIS aims to promote research and cooperation in insurance science, and to facilitate interactions and exchanges with related academic societies and organizations in Japan and abroad (Article 2 of bylaws). We pursue these aims through the following three areas of activity.

First, we organize annual conference and local activities. The annual conference is held in October on a university campus. Common discussion themes, symposiums, and individual papers serve to facilitate fascinating discussions, and a wonderful guest speaker is invited from JSIS or elsewhere to deliver a stimulating commemorative address. In addition, the Kanto and Kansai sections and Kyushu chapter hold two to four regular meetings per year where members have the opportunity to present their latest research findings and engage in constructive exchanges of opinion.

Second, we publish the papers presented at these meetings in the Journal of Insurance Science to reach a broader audience. The refereed papers system which was introduced lately gives aspiring graduate students and young researchers in particular the chance to establish a significant body of work. It also features occasional topics on insurance-related economic and social trends, thereby enhancing the journal’s appeal to members.

Third, we promote international exchanges. We already have an ongoing exchange with our sister society in Korea to report on our respective annual conference proceedings. In addition, we second directors to AIDA (International Association for Insurance Law, Head office; London) and APRIA (Asia-Pacific Risk and Insurance Association, Head office: Singapore) meetings, and looking ahead, see a growing need to enhance ties with China and its dynamic economy as well as with advanced insurance countries in the West.

The JSIS membership now numbers approximately 900, of whom 200 are academic members and 700 are business members. In carrying out our activities, we hope to offer business members more compelling themes and motivate greater sharing of our energy and wisdom. I ask your cooperation and support so that we can advance the goals of JSIS together.

Masahiko Ezawa
President, the Japanese Society of Insurance Science Professor, Waseda University