The Japanese Society of Insurance Science


General Description

The Japanese Society of Insurance Science (JSIS) is a nonprofit, professional organization whose objective is to advance the scholarly study of insurance, and to foster cooperation and communication among its academic members, while providing an effective forum for the exchange of information with other insurance professionals in Japan and abroad.  

Principal Activities:

  1. The Society’s Annual Meeting (presentation of research papers and summary of the year’s affairs)
  2. Regional meetings in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka (organized by the local chapters)
  3. Publication of a quarterly journal (Journal of Insurance Science, founded in 1896) and periodic publication of research bulletins.
  4. Special meetings and activities as appropriate and subject to approval by the Board of Directors


Brief History of the Society

Tamaki, Shida and Awazu, three insurance researchers from the (then) Tokyo Imperial University formed a study group about insurance and subsequently established “The Insurance Society”.
Publication of the first “Journal of Insurance Science”.
An extraordinary meeting was held to draft the Society’s Articles of Association.
A group of nine researchers (Messrs. Fujimoto, Iwamoto, Kojima, Mori, Shida, Shiina, Sono Suetaka and Takitani) met to plan the formal establishment of the“Japanese Society of Insurance Science”.
That same year, in November, they held their first plenary meeting at Tokyo Imperial University, but soon thereafter, as the war intensified, all activities were suspended. By 1948 the Society was no longer active.
The Japanese Society of Insurance Science reassembled and convened its first plenary meeting since the war.
The Japanese Society of Insurance Science celebrated its 50th Anniversary.
The Japanese Society of Insurance Science celebrated its 80th Anniversary.